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Online Certificate in Business Administration

The York University School of Continuing Studies Certificate in Business Administration – Online is open for registration with a start date of September 18.

This 10-month, part-time, fully online program taught by instructions with senior-level professional experience will teach students core business competencies, such as strategy, marketing, accounting, HR and project management, and cross-functional skills like problem solving, critical thinking and advanced communication.

Admission Requirements

This is a direct enrolment program - register for the program online. To qualify for admission into this program, you must be:

A mature student (over 21 years of age and out of school for at least 2 years with no significant post-secondary education);

OR - Have successfully attended at least a year of college or university;

OR - Otherwise, be eligible for admission to the University

The Online Certificate in Business Administration is ideal for:

Working professionals seeking to expand their knowledge

New/aspiring managers interested in developing their business acumen

Professionals interested in future leadership roles within their organization

Delivery Format Part-Time – Online

Course instruction and peer interactions are conducted online through our course management system, Moodle

Course delivery is asynchronous

Students have set deadlines to complete work each week and can do so in a manner that best suits their schedules

Students should expect to dedicate approximately 8-10 hours of effort per course each week for readings, discussion boards, practice opportunities, group work, tests and assignments

There may be optional live sessions offered via Zoom throughout the course for the instructor to provide additional coaching and support

These optional sessions may be recorded and shared with students who cannot attend


CSBA1000 Business Strategy

Examine the external context of business and the challenges of managing in the Canadian business environment. Explore the external context of business considering economic, competitive, labour, technological, societal, global, and political issues. Gain insight into current challenges and opportunities that play a dramatic role in the business landscape and affect business strategy.

CSBA1500 Accounting - Analysis & The Use of Financial Information

Explore basic concepts in financial accounting, managerial accounting and their interrelationships to duties and responsibilities of a manager. Gain a critical overview of the accounting process and a broad, conceptual understanding of the role of accounting in modern society. You will study financial statements prepared for external audiences and how those statements contribute to financial decisions and capital markets; and, internal reports that affect managers’ day-to-day decisions.

CSBA2200 Marketing Fundamentals

Examine fundamentals of marketing theory, concepts and management as applied to marketing’s strategic role in meeting customer needs, including product (goods and services), price, promotion, distribution, consumer, segmentation, positioning, ethics, and research to prepare to create a marketing plan.

CSBA2600 Human Resources Management

This course introduces you to the basic principles and concepts of human resources management, and provides a context for the challenges facing HR managers in contemporary Canadian organizations. You are given opportunities to identify organizational problems, and to prescribe and implement corrective actions.

CSBA2401 Project Management

Examine the theory and practice of project management with a problem-solving approach to planning, budgeting, implementing and completing small and large-scale projects. Gain a working knowledge of project management fundamentals and be able to use this knowledge to positively impact workplace projects.

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