Monday, June 5, 2023

20 Most Useless University Degrees

 Dont blame us for this list.

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What are the worst degrees?

This alphabetical list currently contains the most common useless degrees. 

The most useless degrees of today may not be useless degrees in the future.


Anthropology And Archeology

Art history


Computer Science

Creative Writing

Criminal Justice

Culinary arts


At first, this may seem like a highly useful degree. Teaching children is useful, right? However, many who enter the field quickly find this isn’t as useful as it sounds.

Education majors must declare a specialty, such as early childhood, special education, or secondary education. Some who do this must get a master’s degree to practice in their field. Those who stay with a general education degree may find their degree useless after graduation. A preschool won’t want them because they aren’t certified in early childhood education. Special education won’t want them because they don’t have the proper certifications or endorsements.

When contemplating a major in education, evaluate the specific educational field you wish to delve into and determine your area of focus. You should know that you may have to get a master’s degree or receive extra training and endorsements to practice. Additionally, education majors typically undergo rigorous placements at schools of their interest to receive student teaching experience. After all of these channels have been completed, it is only then that an education major can expect to get a job.


Ethnic and civilization studies

Fashion design

Film, video, and photographic arts





Studio arts and fine art

Theater Arts

Tourism And Hospitality

Travel and tourism

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